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When embarking on a new adventure, most choose the destination prior to considering the experience they seek. At Travel Expeditions, we begin with our client’s passions and compliment them through uniquely crafted adventures, curated itineraries, and awe-inspiring locations around the world.

With a focus on discovery, cultural immersion, and wellness, our travel adventures will challenge and inspire you while you bond with like-minded travelers who also share a love for exploration.

At Travel Expeditions, we’ve committed over 30 years to creating personalized cultural journeys.

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When you book one of our adventures, you will receive quality services at the best prices with plenty of inclusions. There are no hidden costs and you’ll enjoy many ‘extra touches’ that ensure your holiday is excellent value for money.


We are a team with great experience in tourism and outdoor activities. Our experience comes from our specialized staff.


Respect for nature. Respect for cultural heritage and communities. Respect for every human being. We embrace these values ​​and live them day by day in every action we take in our operations, and it is our company culture.


We are experts in customizing independent travel arrangements according to your personal requirements, interests, budget, and time available.

Argentina - Malvinas

Costa Rica - Hot Spring Waters

Italy - Cinque Terre

Colombia - The Lost City

Ecuador - Galapagos Islands

Spain - Camino de Santiago